Our bookkeepers focus on providing you with accurate, clear, and concise bookkeeping, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Understanding the underlying financials of your business will help you to optimize your time and give your attention to the areas that need it. The bookkeepers at AccounTrivia are prepared to help you through the highs and lows of running your own business; we offer advice when you need it. For professional, personable and reliable bookkeeping services in Milton, Burlington and Oakville, contact AccounTriva today!

As service professionals, we know that time is money. Our job is to take over your accounting tasks so that you have time to focus on selling, product development, or even customer service. With Tri-County Bookkeepers you'll have accurate and timely financial information. Having a bookkeeper is not a cost, it's an asset!

Bookkeeping Fees

Bookkeeping fees are determined using value-pricing instead of hourly fees. Our monthly bookkeeping services range from $150 - $500 on average. The price varies depending on the number of bank accounts, credit card accounts, employees, and the average number of monthly transactions. This fee includes monthly consultations to address updates and concerns. We also charge a one-time setup fee for all new customers. This fee is to compensate us for the time necessary to connect to your accounts, integrate your records into our system.

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